Professional Representation & Expert Witness Services

Picking the right consultant can be challenging. You want an individual that has experience, extensive practical knowledge, full qualifications, communication skills, and, of course, can understand the needs of your project. That’s why at Ecosystem Solutions, Inc., we provide representation services that are exemplified by a commitment to the highest level of professional acumen and technical competence.

A good consultant knows the in’s and out’s of the application process, as well as the science behind it. A good consultant knows your project firsthand, is able to communicate with you and the authorities to properly present your project goals. That’s why at Ecosystem Solutions, Inc., we take the time and effort necessary to assure that representing you and your project becomes an efficient and powerful tool in the regulatory realm.

Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. provides expert witness services and specialist advice in the field of wetland science; embracing the many aspects of the scientific, technical, and procedural details involved with the permitting and compliance of projects. Our clients include homeowners, developers, engineers, land surveyors, and lawyers.

But what exactly should you be looking for? What role should an expert witness play and what attributes should you be looking for?

Simply stated, the role of the expert witness is to provide objective opinions to the court on technical and procedural matters that require specialized knowledge or expertise. To be persuasive, an expert witness must be both experienced and knowledgeable in their field and must also be perceived as independent and objective. Backed up by practical experience, Brandon has a reputation for unambiguous and impartial advice. Should you require this service, please call us at (401) 741-3263 to discuss your situation.