Permitting & Compliance

Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. has the expertise and experience to assist clients through the often daunting wetland permitting maze. Since permitting is the most important phase of land development, choosing the right professionals for your project is essential. With a dedication to quality and practical decision making, including alternatives analysis, the staff at Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. is involved with project layout & design right from the beginning in order to assure a balance between regulation compliance and project completion. Whether the project is residential, municipal, commercial, or industrial, Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. can provide the wetland permitting services to fit your needs.

Offering services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. can provide for the development of any number of project and application types, including:

  • Requests for Determination of Applicability
  • Notices of Intent
  • Requests for Preliminary Determination
  • Applications to Alter
  • Water Quality Certifications
  • Section 404 Permits

From wetland delineations, to wildlife habitat assessments, to vernal pool certifications, Ecosystem Solutions, Inc. can provide for all your wetland needs.